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A Sea Day

March 15, 2015

Not much to report today, but these are the highlights!

This morning we slept in and then headed up to try the buffet for breakfast. Once again it was okay, and we enjoyed being able to sit outside and eat food that someone else had prepared for us 🙂

As we were eating the captain announced that there were dolphins on the starboard side of the ship. I looked out the window right below my table and there were lots (I’m terrible at estimating how many… somewhere between 30 and 50!) of dolphins jumping and playing right beside the boat. Steve was wondering if they were releasing food scraps in the ocean to attract the dolphins to get that close. Anyway, it was a pretty cool thing to watch as we ate our breakfast.

This morning we did a bit more exploring to try to figure out the ship. We found the “lawn court” where Steve beat me in Bocce and Croquet and we also found the library which had a backgammon game, which Steve also beat me in twice. Conveniently the backgammon game happened to be right beside the International Cafe that happened to have Mini Pavlova’s for a snack 🙂 This took away the sting of repeatedly losing every single game to Steve.

We mostly just had a relaxing day of lounging around on different parts of the ship.

Here's a photo of Steve lounging.

Here’s a photo of Steve lounging.

I wanted to find the hot tub we were sitting in yesterday, but couldn’t find it. Seriously. This ship is crazy! We did find another one though 🙂


And me… also lounging 🙂

At dinner our other 4 table mates showed up, and I learned some interesting tidbits from Mrs. M. (Mrs. M is a Scottish lady who is travelling solo and has had quite an interesting life). After dinner we went to the crew show “British Invasion”. It was okay.

After the show we headed up to our dance club which was a little busier tonight, and still had 2 for 1 drinks between 11 and midnight (yes I was still awake!). My Raspberry Beret guy was dancing up a storm in a white beret tonight. He introduced himself and his dance partner to us. Guess what he told me his name was? Handsome! “Of course it is,” I said 🙂 Steve thinks perhaps he said ‘Ensom’, but it was loud… and I’m pretty sure he said ‘Handsome’ 🙂 I had decided I needed to stay up past midnight, so it would be my birthday, so we danced until Steve could wish me a happy birthday!


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