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Viking River Cruise – Day 6 – Passau, Germany

Today we are docked in Passau, which is another beautiful German town!


When we left the ship we met up with our guide for the day, Lisa! Yesterday was Angela and today was Lisa 🙂


She was lovely, full of information and spoke very good English. We are so lucky to speak the one language that many people learn as their second language. I am learning a few more German words, but certainly can’t speak it or decipher menus or signs yet. Thankfully we have two German translators with us 🙂

It’s interesting because all of the tour guides have a little transmitter that they wear. We tune in automatically to their frequency and then it is like they are speaking right in your ear. You can be quite far away and still hear them.


Passau is at a spot where three rivers meet, which undoubtedly leads to some flooding. This marker on the city hall wall shows how high the flood waters were in different years. The one that is second from the top was 2013! It was shocking to see how high the water was!


Of course we stopped in at a church and marvelled at it’s beauty. I can’t even remember the name of this one… it is all starting to blend together!


After our morning tour, we headed back to the ship for an “authentic Austrian lunch”. Not only was the food terrific but they invited these guys on board to play for us. Yep, they are right behind me 🙂

In the afternoon we had some free time so Steve decided to climb way way way up a path… and I declined to join him. Instead I sat out on the terrace in the shade and relaxed 🙂


This is the view from WAY up wear Steve walked to. You can see where the Danube (blue) and one other river met (which I can’t remember the name of, right now) because the colours are distinct.


Steve is taking a selfie here to prove he did the long walk up 🙂

Later that afternoon we set sail again. The water in the river is quite low so we are going very slow. They let us know tonight that we will visit Regensburg and Nuremberg both tomorrow and then they are putting us up in a hotel for the night in Nuremberg because the ship can’t go that far. I guess those are the results of a heat wave!

We had a lovely farewell dinner that was even more courses and gourmet-like than usual :)(I may have to be lifted off the ship with a crane!) There was some little chocolate ball that came at the very end that was outstanding. I could have eaten quite a few of those! (but only ate one 🙂 )


That evening after dinner there was a lovely sunset as we slowly sailed up the Danube.



Here we are enjoying our last night on board the Viking Atla.

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      Hi Teri, We are travelling around Germany and Austria by car with Steve’s family. I’m a bit behind on the updates, but so much is happening! Things should slow down considerably in about a week and then I’ll hopefully catch up! Are you back from Texas now?

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