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Today we headed off from Nuremberg to Munich on the train. This is the start of our road trip through Austria and Germany with the Martas.


Here are Steve and Angela enjoying a little treat while we wait at the Nuremberg train station.

Our train was scheduled to leave from platform 13. So we headed over there about 15 minutes before our train was set to depart. Apparently at some point they switched it to platform 4… we don’t speak German and missed out on this fact. Luckily four minutes before the train was set to leave a nice man came up and down the track saying “Platform 4” over and over and we figured it out when everyone else left 🙂 So we raced to Platform 4 with out luggage in tow and did make it on to the train. We didn’t have reserved seats though, and since we were last to arrive didn’t get a seat at first. We found one for Dianne and the rest of us stood. Then the nice conductor let Angie and I sit in a couple of the first class seats as no one had taken them. Then we started to feel guilty and decided to let John and Senne sit in them. So Steve, Angie and I stood for the trip, but it was only 1 1/2 hours. (Also I cheated a bit and sometimes sat on Angie’s hard suitcase 🙂 )


Here are John and Senne enjoying their first class seats.


And here are Angie and I… so hot and tired. 🙂

After we checked into our hotel we decided to go for a walk towards the Hofbrauhaus. We enjoyed looking at the river and the old town as we walked along. We did come across the glockenspiel, but it only goes at 11, 12, and 5 so we had missed it for the day. I thought we might come back in the morning.


In front of the glockenspiel in Munchen

We did eventually find the Hofbrauhaus, but we definitely took a roundabout and lost route. To protect people’s identity I will not reveal who out of the six of us was in charge of the map… but I can tell you that, for once, it was not me getting us lost 🙂

Along the way we saw lots of shops, cool buildings, interesting people and even accordion players. This guy was particularly good!


When we finally arrived at the Hofbrauhaus we were hot, hungry and ready for a drink.


Look! Senne found the Hofbrauhaus!

They were able to solve the thirsty and hungry problem, but not the hot problem. It was scorching hot inside there. I suspect it was good for business as people would keep drinking!


We all (except Dianne) opted to try out some beer… well… because you have to when you are here! Angie and I got the half litre mixed with lemonade which was a lot better tasting than regular beer 🙂 The guys went for the regular beer in the regular size which ended up being GIGANTIC… and in Steve’s case he couldn’t finish it. We also had the sausages since it was traditional German food.


One of my favourite parts of the evening was when the live band started playing. Apparently there are some songs you sing along to in German… Steve started singing along even though he didn’t know the words. It seems that if you very loudly say unintelligible words and swing your beer back and forth that other people will do it with you 🙂


This is how Steve sings in German 😉

Just as we left John and I did a little dancing to the band music as well 🙂


It was a pretty good night in Munchen 🙂

Where we stayed: Motel One Deutches Museum (This is a chain of hotels in Europe). The room was very inexpensive for Munich. I think it was 86 Euros for the night for a double. It was very basic, but very clean, included free wifi, and in a good, safe, walkable location. This is one of the few hotels that did not include breakfast but they offered breakfast for 9.50 Euros each. We decided to walk and find our own breakfast and had a basic, but tasty breakfast for under 9 Euros for the two of us.

I would recommend this hotel because it was clean and cheap 🙂


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  1. Teri

    Hearing about the Hofbrauhaus gives us reason to visit Munich. We are flying through Frankfurt in September but no time to see any sites in Germany. Who planned that?????

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