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Garmisch Partenkirchen and Oberammergau

Today we were travelling to Oberammergau by way of Innsbruck and Garmisch Partenkirchen. The scenery was beautiful 🙂 The navigation was going pretty well until around Innsbruck when we missed a sign. I think all the big trucks in the right lane must have blocked it. We ended up somewhere that had a 3 Euro toll. We stopped at a gas station to try to figure out where we were. Steve went in to get a map and came back with a map… and ice cream of course 🙂


Looks like a pretty beautiful place to get lost and take a break to eat an ice cream, doesn’t it? 🙂

Maybe we should have tried to get information from the info booth?!?


This booth is quite informative…

Once we figured out where to go we headed to Garmisch Partenkirchen (and paid the 3 Euro toll to go the other way!) to meet the family for lunch. Steve managed to somehow find the only parking spot in town that you don’t have to pay for, and we had a nice lunch at a Gasthaus (yep, it’s becoming a pattern… schnitzel, sausage and spetzla are the official foods of this trip 😉 ).

Garmisch Partenkirchen is a beautiful town which I believe is a ski resort in the winter. It is surrounded by mountains, and the buildings are covered in murals and flowers. It was nice to take a walk and just admire the buildings.



As we were walking we found a few things to buy. We found the Mozart Chocolates… which many people had been telling me I HAD to try. So we bought them from a lady who looked like she was about 100 (no exaggeration!). Once I saw her I knew I had to buy them no matter how much they were, but conveniently they were less than 5 Euros. I have to say though… they were just okay. I’ve definitely had better chocolate here!


Steve showcasing the Mozart Chocolates

Next we found a few postcards to send home. I also found one for John that I had to buy as a late birthday present. As soon as I saw it I KNEW he would like it 😉

Finally we found a backerei (this is one of the German words I’ve learned so far… bakery of course), and Steve bought us a delicious meringue to share.


After our lovely walk through Garmisch Partnekirchen we got back in the car to head to Oberammergau. (I can actually say this word properly!) This is when Angie figured out she could navigate with google maps and only use data to turn it on. Turns out once you program it in and set the route, you can turn off the data and it still directs you! YAY! Now only if they could get me to sit quietly in the backseat instead of giving advice… we’d never get lost 🙂

We checked into our hotel and decided to take a walk around this beautiful town… but guess what? The rain came! It was refreshing after the intense heat we’ve had… but it was pouring buckets!


Here comes the rain!

Well if you were walking the streets of a beautiful small town and it started pouring what would you do? Would you look for a backerei? That’s what we did 😉 (That’s two bakeries in one afternoon! If they are in different towns I think it is allowed!)


After our stop for a little treat we ran back to our hotel in the rain.


We all had a little rest and then headed out to a Gasthaus (surprised?!?) for dinner. The food was quite excellent 🙂 After dinner we walked around town and admired the beautiful scenery. Oberammergau is another stunning little German town with beautiful buildings and tons of flower boxes.




This is a town that is famous for its woodcarving. Angie was quite taken by it and kept looking at all the carvings. She was really taken by one particular carving until she saw the price… over 1000 Euros!


Don’t worry Matt, she didn’t buy it!

After dinner I presented John with his birthday present. I wrapped it beautifully in a paper bag, and then Steve waited to catch his reaction with the camera. I think the present was a success 🙂


And so ends another fun day with the Martas in Germany 🙂


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  1. Mikki

    You haven’t had the real Mozart Kugeln (People call them Mozart Chocolate Balls) until you’ve been to Salzburg. They are made just outside of Salzburg. When they are fresh, and the real thing, (not with the green stuff inside) they are divine. For me they were a food group the two summers I studied there!

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