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John thought we should head back up to Frankfurt through the Black Forest, and I know Steve doesn’t like to drive for too long, so I chose Gengenbach as a halfway point for our stay today.

It ended up being a very cute village that I had never even heard of before. I suspect if you stayed for multiple days it would be a good starting point for many interesting day trips.


The Gasthof we stayed at was just outside the historical centre, and a quick walk in through this cool gate. Steve was particularly fond of the idea that the spiky gate could come down and desperately hoped it would happen… but it didn’t 🙁


This was a very cute historical village. No worries about getting lost here. It was small, quaint and had enough interesting things to look at to keep us busy for the afternoon and evening. There were bakeries, shops and yes… another church to look at!


This church originated in the 12th century but has been destroyed and rebuilt many times. It still looks and feels very old.



You know we both have a bit of an infatuation with doors. Check out these old beauties!

Not only was the church beautiful, but there was a little courtyard in the back that was also lovely. There was a garden and this little tower building. I don’t know what it is, but it had a locked door that looked like it was leading to somewhere underground. Steve is guessing some kind of cool crypt or tomb. Steve and I both wanted to get in there… but again, no such luck.


I like to sit and admire things (and make up stories in my head about what might have happened here) while Steve takes bajillions of photos.


Who else wants to see where that door leads???

So we had a nice day shopping, eating, wandering and taking photos. At one point Angie and I were disagreeing about what a sign said in German. It was on the fountain and Angie was pretty sure it said you CAN drink the water. With my newfound German comprehension I was pretty sure it said DON’T drink it. Luckily John settled it and confirmed I CAN read German 😉


Do NOT drink out of this fountain 🙂

Tomorrow we head to Frankfurt.

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