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Port Townsend, Washington

Well the road trip has begun!

We left a little last minute, so I wasn’t able to get a reservation on the ferry to Port Angeles as they were full of reservations already. The girl on the phone told me most people leave their car overnight in the lot to save their space. This did not work for me as I was staying in Ladysmith the night before. She said I should be there right when the gates open.

This involved getting up at 5 AM!! WHAT?!?! I know you don’t feel sympathetic about that… but it was quite a shock to our systems! Anyway, we got up at dark o’clock, drove down to Victoria and got in line for the ferry at 7:30 AM. This put us as #8 on stand by for the 10:30 ferry! WHAT?!?!? There are only two ferries a day and it is October. This seems crazy to me. Conveniently, someone was looking over us and we did get on the 10:30 ferry. πŸ™‚

Travel tip: Book a reservation for the Coho ferry… more than a few days in advance!

Just as we were getting on the ferry there was a brief but hard downpour of rain, which reminded us how lucky we were to be heading south towards the sunshine. We admired the Victoria harbour, as the boat sailed out to Port Angeles. We do live in a beautiful place!


On this ferry you are not permitted to stay on the car deck, or go down to the car deck during the journey… weird…

We read our books up in the lounge and noted that the ferry was pretty old! There were a few seats that were damaged so badly you couldn’t even sit in them, but there still appeared to be enough space for everyone.

Once again we were treated to a whale show while we sailed over to Port Angeles! We’ve been very lucky this year. πŸ™‚

The ferry docks in Port Angeles, but we elected not to stay here and instead went on to Port Townsend as others had recommended it as a cute town. This was good advice!

Port Townsend is only about 1 hour drive from the ferry landing, but in my opinion is an infinitely prettier small town. The drive was nice as we are still enjoying the fall leaves changing colours and you often had a view of the water as well.

We were laughing at some of the signs we saw along the way, and particularly enjoyed this one…


Not sure if I want to eat somewhere with a giant burger and ice cream cone and the name “Fat Smitty’s”. In case you’re wondering it made us laugh, but we didn’t stop.

When we arrived in Port Townsend we checked into our hotel which was called Manresa Castle. This was also recommended to us and I could not resist since it had the word “castle” in it’s name. It was built as a private home by Port Townsend’s first mayor in 1892, and has had many owners over the years… but now it is a hotel.

It was definitely historic. The rooms felt like you were staying in a room from 100 years ago. The bed was comfy though πŸ™‚ The lobby was the most beautiful room in the building, which was nice since to get an internet signal you had to sit in the lobby πŸ™‚ While Steve had his turn on the computer, at least I could admire the furnishings and purple velvet drapes πŸ˜‰

We both felt like this was the kind of place that would be haunted (if that sort of thing is possible), but we have an agreement with ghosts. They don’t bother us, and we don’t bother them. I’m pleased to report we had no ghostly altercations. I did look it up after we left (I didn’t want to know before… I’m very impressionable!) and apparently they have even been on some show called Ghost Adventures. Luckily our room, 307, wasn’t haunted… but right next door 306 is!!! The other thing that made it sound a bit scary was the water going through the pipes… all NIGHT… it sounded like electrical wires that have been broken in a storm and are sparking… all NIGHT!!!!

On the plus side they gave us a free basic breakfast each morning and on the first night gave us a $25 gift certificate to one of the downtown restaurants (I think that is a Sunday night deal).

The restaurant was The Belmont. We both absolutely loved this place. Once again it was historic. It was built in 1885, but felt nicely updated. We had a view of the water and the walls were exposed brick. I had an amazing halibut stuffed with crab. Seriously amazing. It was so good that I have added it to my list of what would I eat for my last meal. (Don’t judge me, that’s just the weird kind of stuff the King and I talk about πŸ™‚ ) Steve also had a delicious meal of lobster, scallops and crab in some sort of cream sauce. It was also divine! If you are in Port Townsend I would highly recommend this restaurant for a nice dinner. This was a great way to start off our Road Trip πŸ™‚

After dinner we decided to go to a movie at the Rose Theatre. Steve wanted to see The Martian (which we both really enjoyed) so we didn’t get to go to the Starlight Room… but I’ve saved that for another visit.

Travel tip: Always leave places you like with a Β reason to come back πŸ™‚

Our next day was pretty slow. We did head into Sequim to see if we could get a cell phone plan (Port Townsend was so small you can’t do it here!) but they wanted a ridiculous $70 per month (and that didn’t even include coverage to Canada!) so we decided we would wait until we were somewhere with more competition. If you have any suggestions let me know!

Sequim was also a hit because we went into Ross Dress for Less to get some socks and Steve found a pair of shoes and a wallet for ridiculously low prices! We also found that our chocolates of choice … Ghirardelli… were half the price they were at home. Yes… we had to buy some πŸ™‚

So our trip to Sequim was somewhat successful πŸ™‚ . We head back to Port Townsend to walk around downtown and find some “Linner”.

Travel Tip: Linner = Lunch+Dinner… If you eat one big meal at about 3 in the afternoon it is easier on your budget then two meals πŸ™‚ Also it is an excuse to eat chocolates later in the evening when you are a little bit hungry!


The town was very cute and had lots of interesting shops to look at. You could definitely waste an afternoon wandering around, window shopping and having an ice cream.

All in all we thought this was a very cute little town, and would recommend it as a weekend trip from Victoria, or a pit stop on a road trip down the coast.

We will definitely return.


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    1. admin Post author

      I think I have switched you up, Teri. You should get an email to confirm the new one. Let me know if it doesn’t work.

  1. Lynda Fraser

    My husband and I LOVE Port Townsend and particularly love the Starlight Room! So glad you got to PT. If you are still in Astoria, be sure to go up to the tower and throw paper airplanes off the top (you can buy – or could last time we were there – balsa wood ones from the little concession-y shop, but homemade paper ones work just as well!).
    Also glad your tests came back OK, Lisa.

    1. admin Post author

      Thanks for the tip, Lynda. We are still in Astoria today. Have a very busy day planned, but are going to try and squeeze in the paper airplane place πŸ™‚

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