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Viva Las Vegas!

Well I suppose you aren’t surprised to hear we ended up in Vegas again. This is our last stop before arriving in Arizona for six weeks.

What a breath of fresh air (literally) to be in Vegas when it isn’t so hot that I melt into a puddle. It was still sunny and around 20 degrees celsius… so really quite perfect for walking around!

The purpose of our visit was for Steve to play in two of the WSOP circuit events… and play he did. We were both very excited when he made the final table of his first event… in the end placing 7th!

I tried to take a photo of him playing… discretely of course… I didn’t want to be the embarrassing wife 🙂 But it was too dark, and the phone took crummy pictures, so I had to be satisfied with a photo of the board.


Look at that… he ended up 7th of 276 players. Pretty good, if I do say so myself. After the win, we headed over to the Eiffel Tower at Paris for some celebratory chocolate martinis. You can sit at the bar and just enjoy a drink if you like. There is also a super good restaurant, but it is definitely fancy and expensive. Neither of us were prepared for fancy at this point, so instead enjoyed the delicious chocolate martinis.


Later in the week there were further poker celebrations that included a nice dinner at the Venetian, watching the show Rock of Ages, and a new fancy watch for the Handsome Man.

I did in fact buy two pairs of shoes this week… but not the fancy poker winning shoes… just the regular nice shoes 🙂 It seems a bit silly to carry around expensive shoes as we traipse around the world! Next time…

Another highlight of the week, was meeting up with Steve’s cousin Joey which he hasn’t seen in ages… and I don’t think I’ve ever met. He was in town to run a half marathon. We met him for drinks one evening, and he and Steve enjoyed catching up. This photo is for you, Senne.


We also enjoyed some freebies this week from MyVegas. We had a couple of free buffets and also free tickets to Ka. We had seen Ka before… but it was so long ago I had forgotten most of it. It was like watching a brand new show 🙂 We both really enjoyed it!

This is Steve standing in line while we waited to go in. I actually said to him, “Let me take a picture of you so I have something for the blog.” We rarely take pictures in Vegas, as it isn’t really the kind of place you carry your camera around.


Speaking of buffets, I have to tell you about the best buffet deal in town. I think we went three times for the breakfast. It’s the Gold Coast which is across the street from the Rio. The breakfast buffett is 7.99 and they give you a dollar off if you get there free rewards card. The buffet is excellent for breakfast and even includes an omelette station and little waffles in the shapes of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs! I don’t think there is a better deal than this in Vegas. Normally, I’m not a fan of buffets because I never feel like I get my moneys worth. The Gold Coast is the exception… oh and when we get free ones from MyVegas… I always get my moneys worth when it is free!

One small comment about the shopping. We always go to the Premium Outlets (the North one!) when we come to Vegas. It seems to be getting bigger and better every time. Last time we discovered the Columbia store which had great pants and shorts for traveling. This time I discovered Neiman Marcus last call. This is a terrific store with good quality clothes for very reasonable prices. I ended up picking up two dresses for our cruise in January and they were both under $100! This was quite a feat. I have a terrible time finding things I like, often taking 15 or 20 things in the change room and not liking anything. This time I took 15 or 20 things in the change room and liked at least half of them… that is definitely a record!

A final comment on where we stayed… as we had our car this time, we didn’t necessarily have to be on the strip. Steve found a great deal on a condo at Palms Place (which is over by the Rio and the Gold Coast). We loved our condo. It was just the right size, had everything we needed, and was nice and spiffy. Here are some photos… in case you might want to stay one day!

Here is the view from our room on the 30th floor. When we checked in she asked us if we wanted to pay extra for a strip view. We declined, but she put us in here anyway.


Here is the room looking towards the window.


And here is the spiffy bathroom with a big jacuzzi tub!


Weirdly, you have to go through the shower to get to the tub!

Well that’s it from Vegas this time. We had a great time… again… and I’m certain we’ll be back before this year of fun is over 🙂

Next we’re off to Arizona!

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