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Day 1 – Oasis of the Seas

This morning we agreed to meet John, at 8 AM, down at the same breakfast restaurant we went to yesterday. This is quite early for Steve, as with the most recent time change, his body thinks it is 6:00 AM! He was a trooper though, and got himself up and ready with a smile.


We actually beat John down to the restaurant… which was a small miracle… he’s an earlybird! He joined us soon after, and we had another lovely breakfast in the open air watching the people walk down the Broadwalk, and admiring the waves hitting the beach.


After breakfast we went for a short walk along the Broadwalk, bought a Powerball ticket (it’s 800 million… you HAVE to buy a ticket when it is that much!) and bought some wine to take on to the ship. You are allowed to take 1 bottle per person on to the ship to consume in your room. (We later found out what a money saver this is. Each bottle we bought cost less than buying one glass on board!!!)


We headed back to our hotel, packed up, and the took a taxi to the port. We arrived at about 11:30 AM and things were already in full swing at the port. We dropped off our bags, did our security screening and checked in with relatively little waiting. Before you knew it the three of us were on the ship. This was unexpected for me, as the last time we came on the Oasis we waited up in the holding area before you get on the ship for quite some time! It seems like 11:30 is a good time to arrive!

When we got on the ship we weren’t able to get into our rooms yet, so took our carry on bags with us up to have some lunch in the Windjammer. I think we got there just in time, as it was really filling up quickly once we settled into our table with our lunch. I was impressed with the quality of the food and the variety of choices. I was also impressed that they had flavoured waters and lemonade to enjoy with your lunch (strawberry kiwi was my favourite :)).

After lunch we took our bags to our rooms and then headed down to the promenade to get John his Starbucks coffee. This does cost extra, but he was willing to pay it because he loves Starbucks coffee. When we were sitting, looking around at all there was to see, we ran into Mom, Gary, Tom and Trudy! They were already well on their way to enjoying themselves as well 🙂

Steve took everyone on a tour of what he considered to be the highlights of the ship, and I headed off to find the library to get a book before all the good ones were gone 🙂 So the library isn’t on the map of the ship… but I was sure there was one! After searching many floors I finally had to ask someone where it was. If you are needing a book remember this information. It is on floor 11 and on the ship map it is called “Wonderland”. This was our first clue that things have changed since the recent refurbishment. I later found out that another change was that the “Viking Crown Lounge” area is no longer available to us peasants… only to the Diamond Level members. Needless to say, I’m not a fan of this new policy.

I headed up to the Solarium to get settled with my new book and wait for them to finish with their tour. The Solarium is one of my favourite places on the boat as there are lots of comfortable places to sit, and it is relatively quiet and uncrowded. (Also you aren’t allowed in if you are under 16, so it is pretty calm!) Eventually Mom, Steve, Gary and John found me and we enjoyed some cookies in the Solarium.

Steve and I decided to sit in the hot tub that hangs over the side of the ship for sail away. They are big tubs, and if you lean over the edge you can see straight down to the water (through the glass of course 😉 )

After this we headed down to get ready for dinner and to watch our first show of the trip called “Oasis of Dreams”. This show happens at the Aqua Theatre which is at the end of the boardwalk. it is an amazing water and diving show… that happens on a moving ship! Unfortunately, the show was cancelled because it was windy. I wouldn’t want to be diving into a little pool off a really high board on a moving ship on a windy day either 🙂


They rescheduled our show reservation automatically for Day 3. I’m assuming that this is something that happens fairly regularly as it does get windy when you are sailing out on the open ocean!

Steve was starving because dinner is not until 8:30, so he stopped for a bratwurst at the Doghouse on the Boardwalk. This is also included in your cruise. It’s a bit tricky at first to figure out what is included and what is an extra cost. I think it was Tom that suggested they put a $ on the door so you know whether you are paying extra or not! Are you listening Royal Caribbean?!?


Steve, John and I headed back to John’s room and enjoyed some wine out on the balcony before dinner. A nice alternative to the water show for sure!


We made a pit stop in Central Park to listen to some live music.


We also made a pit stop to do a little ballet… not sure why? 🙂


When we headed down to the dining room we went in to where Steve thought our table was… it wasn’t there… we ended up taking a tour of the whole dining room before finally finding our table in a little room with 7 tables just off the main dining room. I’m not sure what happened here, but we think this room was added after the refurbishment. Perhaps it used to be a storage area before? Needless to say it is a bit crowded, and quite loud. Strangely, Steve and I were seated at a different table then the rest of our group, while a random couple was seated with our family. The head waiter assured us it would be easy to move them to the other table when we arrived on the first night for dinner. It did end up being easy, because they didn’t show up 🙂 Problem solved. We all got to eat together. Dinner was delicious, and our servers were very good. The food service however was quite slow. I’m not sure why. I don’t remember it being slow last time. The menu also looks different than last time… but I can’t remember exactly how. Steve and I both enjoyed our meals though, as I think everyone at the table did.

After dinner we decided to take a walk around the ship up on deck 16. It was a bit windy, but still an enjoyable walk.

After this we headed to bed as it was already 11:15… at NIGHT… I know… can you believe I was still awake???

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