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Oasis of the Seas – Day 6 and Day 7 – Sea Days

I decided to combine these two days into one blog entry because sea days just don’t have much to report. Imagine that you are at a giant resort… bigger than a small town really… and you are just lazing about. For me, that is what sea days are all about. A highlight was of course… the food! We ate so much delicious food! One notable mention was the pavlova we had for dessert in the dining room. It was perfect… I could have eaten a lot more of that 🙂

There was one more formal night… not sure why we decided this giant chair was the place to take a picture of us dressed up?!?


It was the 6th night of the cruise before we noticed that the “Suites” had doorbells. I guess this is a perk of a suite… although I’m not really sure why you would need a doorbell? As much as he wanted to, Steve did not actually push one!


We also spent time hanging out in hot tubs. This is where Steve makes friends with people from all over the world… and often where we pick up interesting travel tips!

Our room steward did not make towel animals every night, but one night we did get this cute one!


We also sat out on the deck in the sun (and sometimes in the shade)…


I even read three books this week! Luckily my mom brought some extra books for me… I’m trying to spend less money on books! Well actually I’m trying to spend less money in general… I still think books are a good thing to spend money on though 🙂


On Friday we watched the musical Cats. Seriously… on the ship they had the full musical of Cats. I think it was about 2.5 hours long. It was fabulous! The cast was terrific. I almost didn’t go because I felt like it was a waste of sunshine to sit inside and watch a show for that long in the afternoon… but then it started raining… I guess the weather gods wanted me to see it!

What else can I tell you about these days? Not much we really just ate, lazed around, ate some more and lazed around some more. Sounds good, doesn’t it?! This is what being a lady of leisure is all about.

I think I’ll also tell you about the debarkation since this is a short entry. We didn’t even have to fill out any of the usual forms on the ship so you know when you are allowed to get off. They must have taken the information from the registration we did online. We had the last luggage tags to get off, which was #70. They estimated our departure would be about 10:45.

They stop serving breakfast at 9:00, and the room steward likes you to be out at 8:00 so he can get all of his rooms cleaned for the next guests. So we got up about 7:00, to get ready for the day. We watched another big ship coming into dock, and then Steve had this brilliant idea about hiding so we could stay on the ship…. this is how that worked out 😉

Attempt #1


Attempt #2


When we realized our disguise was not going to work, we headed up to breakfast in the Windjammer. Mom, Gary, Tom and Trudy were already there, so we enjoyed one last meal with them. (Yep, we ate again!!!!) I made sure I had some bacon (among a multitude of other things), because we rarely eat bacon and I do LOVE it 🙂 It seems that the only photo that commemorates this is when I have my mouth full of food…


Then we went down and met John at the Starbucks (surprise, surprise!) to wait for them to call our number. It was all very civilized and we were off the boat and in the terminal shortly after 10:00, well before the estimated time. As we exited the boat we could already see some of the next passengers excitedly waiting to get on the ship! That was us… just last week…

When we got in the terminal we easily found our luggage. They are so well organized. It shouldn’t be easy to find your luggage among the luggage of 6400 other people, but it was easy! Then we wound our way through an incredibly long customs line. It was long, but moved steadily and we were probably out of there within 15 minutes…. and just like that our cruise was over 🙁

2 thoughts on “Oasis of the Seas – Day 6 and Day 7 – Sea Days

  1. Part and Henry

    Wonderful photos and quips, Lisa and Steve. Thanks so much for sharing. I have been sick for 5 days with a croupy cough, but finally yesterday on the mend. The weather STARTED to warm up, yesterday 21, but still not the Az we have experienced in other years, for sure. However, a lot colder and terrible weather in parts of Canada, and bad storm in the eastern U.S. With tons of plane delays. Hope the rest of your party got home safely and no delays. Henry has been a real trooper, taking care of me, continual supply of hot teas and meals. He even painted the kitchen wall!
    Hope we get a chance to see you again when you are here.
    Hugs, Pat and Henry

    1. admin Post author

      Sorry you haven’t been feeling well, glad you are finally on the mend, Pat! I looked at the forecast, it doesn’t look that warm for the five days we will be there, but at least it isn’t raining or snowing 🙂
      We will definitely see you when we return! We’ll be back late Saturday night.

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