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Fort Lauderdale Beach

We arrived at our hotel quite early (before Noon), but our room was ready for us so they let us check in early! We stayed in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area this time. It was VERY expensive, Since it was just for one night we decided to share a room with John. It had a bedroom and a sofa bed, so it was just fine for sharing 🙂 The only problem was that to reach the bathroom you had to go through the bedroom. Apparently we are very stealthy because John didn’t even notice when I had to sneak through in the middle of the night 🙂

We stayed at the North Beach hotel, which is part of the North Village Group of hotels that we have stayed at a few times before. They take the old style Art Deco apartment buildings and turn them into nice hotels. Think Ikea meets Art Deco.

After we checked out our room we headed for a walk down the main road which parallels the beach, and went to Cafe Casablanca for lunch.


Steve and I had been here on one of our previous trips to Fort Lauderdale and enjoyed it quite a bit. It was every bit as good the second time. The portions are large, you get to eat out on a patio overlooking the ocean (there were some sunny and some shady spots) and the prices for lunch were very reasonable!


After lunch we walked back beside the beach to our hotel. I took a nap and Steve did the laundry. This is nothing new… he will often take our clothes to the laundromat when we are traveling… BUT… today I discovered (after 25 years of marriage) that Steve does in fact know how to fold the laundry properly!!!! The cat is out of the bag Handsome Man! All this time I’ve been folding it because he makes such a mess of it…the gig is up! 🙂

Sorry, got sidetracked again. After the nap we went for a walk the other way down the beach, and then we went out for dinner. (Do you see a theme here? I seem to mostly be eating!) We decided to try out the restaurant in our hotel, which turned out to be a good decision. We were able to eat outside, even though the weather is “terrible” for Fort Lauderdale. I did put a sweatshirt on, but it was still pleasant 🙂 The food was absolutely delicious! I would definitely recommend eating here if you are in the Fort Lauderdale Beach area. I’m pretty sure it was called the “Village Cafe”. It is right in the hotel on Breakers Avenue.

The next morning was quite windy… when I say quite windy I mean REALLY windy. There was an actual tornado warning for Fort Lauderdale and Miami. I didn’t even know they got tornadoes in this area! We could hear the wind whipping about, and when we looked out the window at the restaurant below we saw all the tables, chairs and umbrellas scattered all over the place. The tornado warning, however, came and went with no tornados touching down in our area (although 4 did touch down by Sarasota early in the morning!)

When that excitement was over, guess what we did? Yep, we went to eat again. I have to stop this! TOO MUCH FOOD! Anyway, we ate breakfast at our hotel restaurant which was delicious yet again! I can therefore recommend it for dinner or breakfast!

We went back to our room and packed up, then went downstairs with John to say good-bye. The lovely girl at the front desk (whose name escapes me) had booked John on to the shuttle to the airport. It arrived shortly after 11 and we sent John on his way back home to Calgary. I hope it isn’t too cold! It is going to be quite a shock for his system!

We hadn’t booked a shuttle as we were going to South Beach in Miami and had decided to take a cab. Well… would you believe we waited 2 hours for a cab to show up. The girl at the desk phoned multiple times, but they were just backlogged. Apparently 8 cruise ships had arrived in the port that morning and this was prime time for taking people to and from the ships. Keep this in mind if you are ever in the same situation. We weren’t in a rush… but sitting in the lobby waiting for two hours is just too much! Eventually, we flagged a cab down on the street and made our way to Miami! In case you are wondering the cab fare is about $90 plus tip! Absolutely ridiculous if you ask me! There is a real opportunity for someone to make a business doing this type of transport for less. If we wanted to book a shuttle it was $100. CRAZY. So I guess we could theoretically move to Miami and start up a business… I already have the idea 🙂

2 thoughts on “Fort Lauderdale Beach

  1. Paul Pantaleo

    Keep on, keep on, traveling.

    I am seriously thinking of heading to Iqaluit, Nunavut in July (the hottest month of the year) where the average temperature is 7.7 degrees centigrade. I may have to reconsider that decision after viewing your glorious photos.


    1. admin Post author

      It is definitely beautiful here, Paul, but with the current exchange rate this might be the year to see more of Canada 🙂


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