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Hello again, Las Vegas

We drove from San Tan Valley in Arizona to Las Vegas. It is pretty much desert the whole way, but you do go up in altitude, which surprised me. The drive takes about 6 hours if you are going roughly the speed limit 🙂

We stayed at Palms Place again. These are great condos off the strip (in the area by the Rio and the Gold Coast). We love the big jacuzzi tub, the beautiful linens on the king sized bed, and the strip view we have gotten both times even though we declined to pay for this upgrade at the front desk. Maybe they just like us?

We booked through hotels.com so I get my credit towards a free night. Have I mentioned this is the best rewards program ever? I actually found the price cheaper on another website, but hotels.com matched the price for us. Win-win 🙂

On the first night we arrived, the Venetian was holding a “Knock Out an MMA fighter” bounty tournament. This combined two of Steve’s favourite things… MMA and poker, so I sent him off to play while I lounged around in our cushy hotel room 🙂

Shortly after he started playing he sent me a message saying he had knocked out one of the players. I thought he was joking at first, but he wasn’t! Somehow, out of 16 tables he was lucky enough to be seated at one of the three that had an MMA fighter at it. He was double lucky because it was Paige VanZant (who is super cute… as shown in the photo below)!


Then he ended up being triple lucky, because not only do you get $100 for knocking a player out, you get the MMA bonus swag if you knock one of the fighters out. There is a t-shirt, cap and some MMA gloves autographed by the three fighters in the tournament.


Steve didn’t end up cashing in this tournament, but he did collect two bounties and the MMA Swag…not to mention he got his picture with Paige! Seems like a pretty successful night to me!

The next day we started out with our favourite breakfast buffet at the Gold Coast. Why is it my favourite? Because it is cheap 🙂 The price is $7.99 per person, and you get $1 off if you get their free rewards card. You can barely get a drink at other restaurants in Vegas for that price! I also like that they have waffles in the shapes of the suits of the cards with blueberries and whipping cream 🙂

Next we headed down to the Fashion Show Mall to look at the discount ticket kiosk. We had a few shows in mind we wanted to see, so went to see what was available. We ended up getting tickets for “Raiding the Rock Vault” which was playing at the Tropicana. When you buy your tickets at the discount place you are basically buying a voucher that gets you tickets, and you need to go and collect them at the box office. The Fashion Show Mall and the Tropicana are VERY far apart, so the remainder of the afternoon somehow disappeared while we wandered up and down the strip.

This is something we do every time in Vegas… wander up and down the strip. We have our favourite places that we like to visit each time we come. Imagine my dismay as we were strolling through the Wynn to discover that my two favourite shoe stores are GONE! Yep, gone. 🙁 We spent way too much time going up and down the many “esplanades” (that is a fancy name for hallway) at the Wynn trying to find them… to no avail. Then I spent a lot of time on “The Google” (that is a fancy name for time-waster)…. also to no avail. 🙁 I did manage to console myself by looking at the designer shoe stores in the Palazzo and Venetian… but it just wasn’t the same.

The Venetian had this cute display up for Chinese New Year. Since it is the year of the monkey… Steve’s year… we took a photo of him with his monkey friend 🙂


We concluded our walk (all the way down by New York, New York) by having a late lunch (closer to dinner time really!) at the Shake Shack. We both love the burgers and the black and white shake!

That evening we went to the show “Raiding the Rock Vault”. Let me just say that this is the most fun I have had in ages! The show is basically a rock concert showcasing rock songs from the 70’s and 80’s. If you like The Rolling Stones, Def Leppard, AC/DC type music, this show is for you.


I was a little disappointed when we went to get our tickets because I noticed that the real AC/DC was playing across the street at MGM that evening, and if I had known that I would have tried to get tickets. However, Steve and I both agreed that we thought we probably would have enjoyed Raiding the Rock Vault more because it was the best of many band’s songs. I can’t recall one where we didn’t know the song, and in most cases we knew a lot (a lot… not all) of the words! The people playing in the show were actual members of different bands including Survivor, Whitesnake, Heart and Quiet Riot.


If this is your kind of music you need to go see it. I would have paid way more for these tickets… I think they were only about $55 a piece!


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