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Las Vegas… more walking in the city where EVERYTHING is voted #1!

When you go to Vegas, make sure you take appropriate shoes. You probably think I mean sparkly ones! Yes! Take those for night time… and take a cab to where you want to be… but during the day time you need walking shoes. At the risk of sounding old (and Steve keeps reminding me I’m not) I didn’t used to have to worry about having good walking shoes!

I don’t know how it happens, but in Vegas, you WILL walk far… really far…. way farther than you intended!

So our plan was to go pick up some tickets for a show tonight, and then head to the outlets to pick up a few things we knew we needed. We headed over to the discount ticket place at Fashion Show Mall to see if we could get Absinthe tickets for tonight. No luck, they were sold out. 🙁 We decided to go with our second choice which was the parody of 50 Shades of Grey. We love parodies and were lured in by the reviews that said it was terrific as well as “Filthy and Funny”… two things we also are 😉

We got our ticket vouchers and then decided we could just walk over to Bally’s to pick up the tickets. It’s not that far really… (I just google mapped it to confirm… and it is only 1.4 miles… not too far… in appropriate shoes 🙂 ) The problem with Vegas is that you never walk directly to something (at least we don’t) as there are a multitude of things to see along the way! One of the things we stopped to look at was the Bellagio Fountains. This never gets old for me. I could watch it over and over!

Travel Tip: This time we watched from the top of the lake because we were headed inside to see the gardens. I have to say it is much better from the street side. You can hear the music better from the street side and the view is better. So here’s your tip… watch from the street side 🙂

If you watch from the top though you can get a photo with the Eiffel Tower (the fake one of course!) while the fountain is on! If you’re lucky there will even be a rainbow 🙂


One of the other places we stopped was inside the gardens. I was curious if they had changed since November, and they had. I wonder how often they actually change them. The theme was Chinese New Year this time, and as usual, it was absolutely gorgeous! Here’s a few photos!

20160206_151052 20160206_151726

20160206_151309 20160206_151611

Vegas is also a town of sparkly things… perhaps why I enjoy it so much. Where else do you find a hotel with a big sparkly horse in the lobby???


… and while we are on the topic of things you only see in Vegas… we saw this mannequin on our walk in the Miracle Mile shop (which is way past Bally’s by the way… once you start walking you just can’t stop!). Only in Vegas does someone pose a mannequin like this… what were they thinking???


It seemed like all the hotels had some sort of display/event going on for Chinese New Year. I didn’t realize it would be such a big thing here. I’m wondering if all the displays will change next week for Valentine’s Day? Dar, If you are reading this, you are in charge of letting me know, since you’ll be there this week 🙂 Here is the final Chinese New Year’s display photo, I promise 🙂


So we didn’t actually make it to the outlets after our walk, because a short trip to pick up some tickets ended up being a 5 hour sojourn up and down the strip 🙂

That evening we attended the show “50 Shades” which was a parody of the book.


Here are some tips for you if you want to see this show.

  1. Do NOT pay full price, even the discounted price was too much.
  2. Just buy the general admission tickets. There are three levels: VIP, Premium and General. We got premium because it was assigned seating. Don’t bother. I bet there are less than 100 chairs in the whole room… they are basic stackable chairs… and Premium just meant you got to sit in the second row.
  3. Be prepared for raunchy. If you like this kind of humour you will probably enjoy the show. We did enjoy it, but as I like to say “I didn’t enjoy it $50 worth”

What I did think was really cool, was the wine that Steve bought me for the show. It came in a plastic cup with a screw on lid. Steve described it as a “sippy cup”. Someone was really thinking about messy people like me when they came up with this idea… and best of all the wine was actually good!

20160206_185433 20160206_185818

Okay, one more notable mention. We had breakfast one morning at Hash House a Go-Go in the Rio. It was very tasty… but here is a warning for you. The portions are gigantic! NOT exaggerating! Luckily, I noticed as we walked in, or we would have each ordered a breakfast. As it was, we ordered one to share, and didn’t finish it. I know… let’s put this in perspective… once we ate at “Jam” in Victoria… Steve finished the Charlie Bowl (and has the T-shirt to prove it!) and then finished my breakfast too. At Hash House a Go-Go we shared one breakfast and didn’t finish. The person at the table next to us ordered the chicken and waffles. What came out on his plate was almost the size of his entire torso! (perhaps a slight exaggeration… but only slight!)

I almost forgot to include my question about something that piqued my interest this time. We noticed that almost everything was voted #1 in Vegas. Either this town has a multitude of voting venues or the people that do the marketing just like to say voted #1. We started making jokes as we went along because it was happening so often it was hilarious… like:

“Donny and Marie, voted #1 in Vegas 3 years in a row”

Translation: Voted #1 of shows starring brother and sister who were childhood stars.

“Voted #1 lawyer in Vegas”

Translation: Voted #1 by his mom and his girlfriend

“Liquor World… Voted Best Liquor Store”

Translation… there is a category for every possible thing in this city. If you make enough categories, everyone can be #1. So I’m making my own category.

“Steve and Lisa… voted #1 in Vegas”

Translation: Best couple named Steve and Lisa, as voted by Steve and Lisa Marta 🙂

The next couple of days were basically more walking (this time in appropriate shoes) and Steve played in a couple of tournaments at the Venetian. No big wins this time… but he’s already planning where we should go next so he can play poker 😉

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