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Las Vegas – Red Rock Canyon

Sorry… haven’t posted for a few weeks. Steve picked up a nasty bug in the poker room and kindly shared it with me. Stuff has gone on in the interim… I just never got around to posting. Rest assured we are both healthy (Well mostly… except for the lingering cough that makes us sound like heavy smokers!) and enjoying ourselves now 🙂

I will fill in a few of the blanks in a few upcoming posts! This one is the final post from Las Vegas…

Since we had our car, we decided to do two things I’ve wanted to do before, but haven’t got around to.

The first thing was to get a photo in front of the “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign. It’s an iconic sign… and touristy… but you know me… I like to do the touristy things…and use ellipses… apparently 😉

To get to the sign you head towards the Mandalay Bay end of the strip on the strip. Since, we were doing it in the late morning the traffic was fine. I don’t really recommend driving on the strip after dark unless you have an intense desire to sit at a standstill in traffic.

When you get to the sign there is a parking lot in the median area of the road, so you are able to pull over safely and park.

  • Important Note! You can only get in if you are heading down the strip towards Mandalay Bay. I think it is South, but I’m directionally challenged so can’t say for 100% positive that it is South 🙂

A nice German lady took our photo for us to commemorate the event.


After this, we headed out to Red Rock Canyon. It is just outside Las Vegas, close to a suburb called Summerlin. This area was actually quite nice looking.

This canyon is famous for… you guessed it… red rock 🙂 It looks like it is well used for hiking, biking and climbing. It costs $7.00 per car to get in and there is a 13 mile scenic drive you follow. There are pull outs with parking lots to stop at and look, hike, bike or climb.

The first stop is called Calico Hills. The sandstone was once deep under the ocean. Water, wind, iron oxide and time worked it’s magic and the result is a beautiful landscape. Here are a few photos.

IMG_6964 IMG_6967


Next we drove on the area that is called the sandstone quarry. They have some huge slabs of sandstone showing what they looked like and how they were extracted and hauled away for making beautiful buildings.


Eventually, as he always ends up doing, Steve starts climbing 🙂


… and then I turned my back for just one minute to take some photos and he was up there…


We both thought the rock formations were quite breathtaking. This was one of my favourites.


I was surprised to see in the mountains in the distance that there was quite a bit of snow at the top.


We would definitely recommend visiting the Red Rock Canyon when you are in Vegas. February was the perfect weather to do this. I wouldn’t want to do it in the blistering heat of July, when we are usually in Vegas for the WSOP!

Finally, I will leave you with two of my favourite traffic signs 🙂 Not your everyday traffic warnings, but good advice, nonetheless!

IMG_7031 IMG_7040

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