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Mom and Gary are here!!!

Guess what? Mom and Gary are here in Kauai with us! 🙂

We went to pick Mom and Gary up at the airport, and were quite startled to see a Lucy, a former student of Steve’s come off the same plane! What a nice surprise that was 🙂

After we picked up Mom and Gary we brought them back to the condo to drop their stuff off. They managed to get the condo right beside ours. This is how close it is…


This is very handy for passing things back and forth across balconies, or as Steve has discovered, throwing things into their condo if they leave the screen open 😉

We headed out for a “Welcome Happy Hour” at Brennecke’s and enjoyed some lava flows and pupus (snacks in Hawaiian). My seven year old boy sense of humour never tires of this word 🙂


Next we walked down to Poipu Beach, and discovered that some Hawaiian Monk Seals were on the beach. These are so critically endangered that they have volunteers that rope off the part of the beach they come up on so they can rest.

IMG_7352 IMG_7356

They have a little sign saying what time they came in, the gender and a little note that says “alive and well” because they are sleeping so deeply at first you wonder if they are alive!

As we headed on our walk home we stopped at the area just past Brennecke Beach where we always see the sea turtles. We weren’t disappointed and saw quite a few swimming in the waves. This is where we ran into Lucy (again!) and Steve told them where to go see the seals on the beach 🙂

The waves were pounding today, so we watched this for awhile too! There is just a never-ending number of things to look at while you take a relatively short walk.


We headed home after this to watch the sunset and enjoy a nice BBQ dinner cooked by Chef Steve.

The sunset photos I’m including aren’t from tonight, because I think we don’t need to take anymore as we have approximately five bajillion already 🙂



After the sunset, the water was reflecting a beautiful pink colour. This is one of my favourite photos!


The next day was a bit cloudy so we decided to head into Kapaa and have some lunch and do some shopping.

We headed past another bus stop decked out with comfy waiting chairs, and I couldn’t resist taking a photo.


These appear to be the most comfortable bus stops in the world… but interesting, I have never seen anyone waiting for a bus at either of them!

I didn’t remember to take many photos in Kapaa…. but this one deserves sharing. Some wise words to remember 🙂


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