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Hanapepe Art Walk

We like to eat breakfast out on our balcony every morning, and sometimes the birds come for a little visit… hoping to get some breakfast too! These ones are particularly pretty.


Here is Mom showing off the beautiful view from the balcony 🙂


Since it was so beautiful, we decided to walk down to Poipu Beach for some beach time. Turns out that our building shelters us from most of the wind because it was really blowing down at the beach! We toughed it out for a while, but were literally getting exfoliated by all the sand blowing around. (I’m still washing sand out of my hair days later!)

When we came back Steve and I hung out at the pool, where you never even would have known it was windy. I guess that is another plus of this condo… although for me it is the view that speaks for itself.

One of our neighbours had told us that each Friday night in Hanapepe there is an art walk, so we decided to check it out! I also wanted to go to Hanapepe because that is where the only book store on the island was… after my experience at Kmart in the book department I was ready for a REAL book store 🙂

To get to Hanapepe you head west from Poipu. As you approach the entrance into town I recommend taking whatever parking spot you find as this is a very popular event. There is a little sign on the highway to let you know you are in the right place.


As you walk into the town there are some beautiful flowers and ribbons hanging… I guess they are going for the festive look 🙂

IMG_7394 IMG_7397

After the pretty entrance you come to this house which has a bunch of empty crown royal bottles placed strategically throughout the yard. I spent a lot of time thinking about it, but have no idea what this is all about! Any ideas?!?


The town had lots of art galleries open for viewing… honestly, way more than their fair share. There was some gorgeous art being displayed, but alas I didn’t have $36 000 US to buy the one I liked the best 😉

As well as galleries there were little souvenir shops, and of course the book store!


It was a great little store with new and used books. It certainly isn’t as big as my two favourite independent bookstores, but I still found exactly the book I was looking for, and Steve found 2 poker books he hasn’t read yet. That was a successful book shopping experience 🙂


There were also plenty of food trucks, and a little cafe.


We decided to try out the meat pies from The Right Slice. We were glad we did, as Steve and I decided they are the best meat pies we have ever had. Or maybe things just taste better when you sit down on the sidewalk in the dark to eat? 😉 No, they were definitely delicious, and apparently other people thought so too, as we got the last two!


I definitely recommend you check out Hanapepe on a Friday night. There was lots to see, and the town itself is quite pretty.

IMG_7413 IMG_7422

Sorry, the photo quality is not terrific… but it was dark out 🙂

Steve took this last photo for me, because it is my favourite moon… the happy face moon (that’s a technical term 😉 )





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