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The Spouting Horn and Old Koloa Town

This morning we decided to head into Old Koloa Town to take a look around. Before that we made a pit stop at Starbucks in Poipu Shopping Village… which led to looking in all the shops. You’d be proud of us, we saw lots of pretty stuff… but didn’t buy it 🙂

Since we were already down this way we also decided to make a stop at the Spouting Horn. I saw it the other night from my balcony (with the binoculars) when I was looking for whales, and it reminded me to go and show it to Mom and Gary.

The lava rocks have eroded and created a hole that water shoots up out of, sometimes as high as 50 feet in the air. I also learned that Poipu (where we are staying) translates to “crashing” in Hawaiian. It was named Poipu because the area is known for its crashing waves.

This is what it looks like when water shoots up through it!


This guy was down there collecting something from the rocks which I assumed was oysters. His girlfriend was watching from above so I asked her what he was collecting and she told me they are called Opihi. They are a shellfish which are considered a delicacy. She told me Hawaiians like to eat these Pupus (you know I’ve been dying to use this word in context again!) with beer. She also told me that he gets $10 a pound for them! She told me lots of other things which I can’t remember, but she was definitely a wealth of information 🙂


It looked a little dangerous to me, but he appears to have experience. His girlfriend told me he climbs sheer rock walls on the north side to collect them. He doesn’t use any gear, and last week was carrying a pouch with 20 pounds of Opihi in them!

There are also some souvenir stands at the Spouting Horn that have inexpensive Hawaiian trinkets you can buy. Again, we looked, but didn’t buy.

Finally, we headed into Old Koloa Town, which was our intention in the first place!

This is an old plantation town that has been carefully restored. They have done a good job of maintaining it’s history by placing plaques on all the business that tell who originally lived there, about their families, or what business were originally there.

The main area of the town is now a bunch of cute shops and other businesses. Unfortunately, the camera battery ran out, so I only got a few photos snapped. You’ll just have to trust me that it is cute, and you should come take a look 🙂

There is a little courtyard near one end of the town that has some shops in it and what they call the “History Center”. It didn’t look like there was much in there, so I wouldn’t come here strictly to visit the History Center 🙂 That is it straight at the back of the photo…


To the left is Kauai Nut Roasters. They have lots of samples for you to try and this is where Steve ended up buying his “Turtle Turds” from. The lady in the store said it is one of there most popular items. I expect that it is not because of how they taste (although I do think they taste good), but because of their well-chosen name 🙂


Steve thought this was a nice way to show off his purchase 😉


We also ended up buying me another fake wedding ring, because I somehow lost the Kinderringen from our fake wedding in Germany this summer. This is why I don’t travel with my real wedding ring! It isn’t as sad when you lose a ring that only cost you 7 Euros. We ended up picking up a cute little ring in the Mermaid Boutique, which is fitting since I’m a mermaid princess… right Jessica Hermann? Here is my mermaid princess fake wedding ring #2 🙂


Mom also found some pretty things for her garden in this shop!

In the afternoon, we met my friend Cindy and her husband Richard for lunch at Brenneckes! It is always very exciting to meet up with people from home and catch up 🙂 I was so busy talking, I forgot to take photos!

I’m going to include one more photo for good measure (not a sunset one this time… I think you might be tiring of those!). We often watch for whales from the balcony. They are elusive, but sometimes you get lucky and spot them. This afternoon we saw one jumping 5 or 6 times in a row. It is mating season, so we speculate he was showing off for his girl. It isn’t easy to snap a photo of them, but Steve tried. Here is his best evidence of whale spotting from the balcony… the aftermath of a breach 🙂



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