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Belated Final post of “Part 2”

Well it has been weeks since I posted… I could give you a million excuses, but I just didn’t get around to it. I have three posts I need to catch up on so here is the first 🙂

To finish up our road trip back home we headed up through Portland, and then on through Washington State before heading over on the ferry to Victoria.

When we were visiting Portland we stayed just outside of Portland in Camas, Washington which is just across the river. It was about a 20 minute drive into downtown Portland. We decided to do this because the hotels were about half the cost of the ones in downtown Portland, and that price didn’t include parking!

The hotel we stayed at in Camas was very cute (and historical)… it was appropriately named “Camas Hotel”. Camas is a cute little town (about three or four blocks long) and the hotel was very nice. We ended up upgrading to the honeymoon suite for an extra $16 a night which turned out to be an excellent use of $16! Our original room was tiny and cold, and the honeymoon suite was spacious, warm, had a king sized bed and a jacuzzi tub! The hotel also had cookies in the lobby in the afternoon and gave you free tickets to the Camas movie theatre. We took advantage of both of these perks 🙂 We finally watched the new Star Wars movie which I was not really a big fan of… particularly of the new character that I like to refer to as “Darth Crybaby”… sorry, I digressed there a bit 🙂

Our main purpose for visiting Portland was to go to Powell’s Books.


If you know us personally, you know this is our #1 favourite book store EVER! It is gigantic. So gigantic that you need a map to find your way around! We spent a reasonable amount of time in there, and managed to come out with only one large bag of books 🙂


It should be noted that it was only one bag… but they did have to double-bag it because it was so heavy 🙂

The second place of note that we stopped on the way back home was “Tulip Town”. I had heard about the tulip fields in Northern Washington from Mom, and was curious to see them. We happened to be travelling up at the exact right time (I think there is a short window… less than a month) and saw the tulips in full bloom!

When you get to La Conner, you know you are in the right place because traffic slows right down. They have signs on the highway leading you on the “Tulip Route”. We didn’t do the whole tulip route, but instead just stopped at Tulip Town.


They charge you $6.00 per person to get in, but in my opinion it is worth it! They also have a trolley ride you can pay $2.00 for, but it literally goes the length of the field… unless you have serious mobility problems, I wouldn’t bother with that.

The tulips are gorgeous. The beauty is slightly dampened by the other bajillion people that are out there with you… but only slightly 🙂 We took approximately 9 bazillion photos, so I’ll try to pick only a few to share with you…






Last one, I promise!


After our pit stop at Tulip Town we headed back across the border and took the ferry over to beautiful Vancouver Island.

And so ends “Part Two” of this year off adventure!

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