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A Weekend in Vancouver

We were home for three weeks before setting off on the third and final leg of this year off. While we were home, we were very busy doing errands, and catching up with people we hadn’t seen since the fall. The visiting was definitely our favourite part! There were a few people we didn’t get to see because unforeseen circumstances (aka Steve’s kidney infection and subsequent hospital stay) threw us for a loop just before we set off on “Part 3”. If we didn’t get to see you, we are looking forward to seeing you when we get back at the end of August 🙂

One of the fun things we got to do was go to Vancouver for the weekend. There were many reasons for our visit to the mainland, including a visit with Candy and Jess who were visiting from Medicine Hat. We had one day to see them and decided to spend some time in Richmond at Steveston Harbour. This is a place we often visit for the fish and chips, but I also recently discovered it is the filming location for one of our favourite shows “Once Upon a Time”.

We stopped for fish and chips, which were excellent, as always… and then walked down the main street of this small downtown looking in shops and recognizing locations from the show. If you stop in the tourist office they will give you a map showing how the actual locations match up with the places in the show.

We found Mr. Gold’s pawn shop which is now a trendy little store. I really wished Mr. Gold’s stuff was in the store… that is a shop you could get lost in for hours!


We also found Granny’s… Steve was disappointed that Red wasn’t hanging around 🙂

We did manage to get a nice family photo of the girls in front of Granny’s restaurant though!


After our day with Mom, Candy and Jess we headed to downtown Vancouver for the night. We were very excited to be seeing the 2cellos perform at Queen Elizabeth Theatre. If you don’t know who they are, you should watch this video…  2Cellos

Bet you never thought you’d hear GNR sounding like that! They are two amazing classical cellists from Croatia who are now “Rock Star Cellists”. I looked to see if they were playing in Croatia this summer, and imagine my surprise to discover they were coming to Vancouver!


We both really enjoyed the concert, but this was the only photo we got 🙂 I guess we were too busy enjoying ourselves!

The next day we spent the day with Steve’s brother Chris, then the next day with my mom, and then headed back home to Vancouver Island for our last few days before heading off again.



4 thoughts on “A Weekend in Vancouver

  1. Henry and pat Baumstark

    Bon Voyage, you two and safe travels. Hope Steven is feeling well again. Happy that this came up while you were at home, it is more comforting to all the rest of the family!

    We are still in a chaos, painting, fixing, etc. so no settling in yet. Hopefully, by June! (Originally I said May, didn’t I?)

    Anyway, have a great last leg, and keep the postings coming, we love them.
    Hugs, Pat and Henry

    1. Steve

      Hi Pat and Henry,

      I’m doing much better and Lisa and I are presently in Montreal. We head off to Malta, on May 1st. Glad to hear you are getting settled…or at least will be settled and finally able to relax soon. We are both so happy that your recent property search turned out so well, and the Arizona property timing fell into place when it did.

      Take care of yourselves,
      Steve and Lisa

  2. Harjinder/Arjun

    Hi Steve/Lisa.

    I hope steve you are feeling much better now I am gald it happen when you were at home and deal with it as soon as possible and you are much better,

    It was very nice hearing from you were you were traveling around the world and taking lots lots of picture’s and I now some place to travel some time in my life with my son. It looks as the comments came in about were you were and you both was safe as you both were so so far away. and it will nice to see you guys back soon.. and time fly buy fast and it seen steve you were just talking about it two years ago.or one.I am gald you and your wife had a nice hoiday life time to remberder.

    I would love to see you guys when you come home.it is not long know and you can tell us more about the holiday when you come home..

    All the best to both of you and take care
    Arjun and my self are doing much better now and Arjun is doing good at school, and he has start reading. and love books. I am so so proud of him……..

    Hope to hear from you soon and stay in touch.

    Best Regards.

    1. Steve


      So great to hear from you and Arjun. Lisa is happy you are both enjoying her blog, and we are both so happy that Arjun is reading. I am feeling much better. We are presently in Montreal, heading off to Malta (a small island country south of Italy), May 1st.

      Best Regards,
      Steve and Lisa

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