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A Weekend in Calgary

To kick-off “Part 3” of this year off, we started with a short flight to Calgary to visit family. We have so much family here that we didn’t get to visit them all!

When we arrived on Thursday we headed out to see Steve’s Uncle John. He lives out in what I like to call “the middle of nowhere”, but to you Alberta people it is just “in the country”. We had a nice visit, and Steve started collecting some anecdotal family history. He’s getting smarter and recording it because we don’t want to forget!

The next day we went to visit my Grandma and take her out for lunch. She was very polite and pretended to remember me 🙂 Steve and I both enjoyed ourselves (and I think Grandma did too!) and were actually quite tickled at her sense of humour.


I’m glad Steve thought to take a photo!

That evening Steve and I met “the aunties” or what Grandma refers to as “the girls” 🙂 as well as the uncles and Andrea (AKA our beautiful flower girl who somehow turned 30 recently!!!) and her family. It was the first time we had met our flower girl’s little girl, and she reminded us so much of Andrea when she was little…. cute, feisty and funny 🙂 Unfortunately, we didn’t remember to take photos here 🙁

To round out our whirlwind visiting we met up with Angie and family on Saturday. It was Adam’s 11th birthday! We spent the afternoon at Telus Spark, which is an interactive science centre. I have mixed feelings about it as a science centre, but we sure had fun playing with the kids 🙂

We then headed downtown to Japanese Village for Adam’s birthday dinner. It seems like a strange choice for an 11 year old boy to make for a birthday dinner… until you see the onion birthday cake and the huge flame show! (We didn’t take photos again!!! We need to get better at this!) Trust me the flaming onion was pretty cool… even to an old auntie 😉

The next morning we headed out to Montreal… our final stop in Canada before jetting off to Europe 🙂

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