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A day in Tortola

This year, on Spring Break, we went on a Caribbean Cruise! We were lucky enough to travel to a warm, sunny climate and enjoy some fun with good friends. I decided to do three posts (obviously I’m quite late… I lose marks for tardiness!) about our trip. This is the first of three about our day in Tortola, British Virgin Islands.

We have been on several cruises, but have never made it to Tortola, so this was the port I was most excited about. It did not disappoint. We’ve been to many beaches around the world, but not many compare to the Caribbean beaches and warm turquoise water.

We opted just to spend the day at the beach rather than touring the island, because we have had a gloomy winter, and were desperately in need of some sun and sand.

We took a safari taxi to Cane Garden Bay ($8 per person each way). The beach is on the opposite side of the island from the cruise ship pier, so you take a precarious, heart-pounding, trip up and over the big hill in the middle of the island. I always enjoy a ride in the open air taxis… seeing the houses and landscape of the island. I was slightly anxious on the way back down the hill as the smell of the brakes was so strong it was making me wonder if they were going to give out! Since you are reading this, you can see that all was fine 🙂

As always, Miss. A. was super excited to sit by Uncle Steve in the taxi 🙂

Here is a view of the beach as you are coming down over the hill towards Cane Garden Beach.

Photographic evidence that we were super happy to be at this beautiful beach!

Side note: We recently discovered that pictures in a lot of light tend to hide your wrinkles. Use that information however you like!

We spent the day relaxing, walking and playing in the water. Here are a few of my favourite photos from the day.

Photo credit to Neil Tran for this incredible photo!

And the rest of the photos are from Steve’s phone… I can’t believe we forgot to pack the good camera for this trip!

This colourful building was right on the water.


We enjoyed watching the birds flying together and then diving into the water to catch fish.



This is the new version of stand up paddle-boarding 🙂

And, of course, my favourite beach babe <3

It seems like less words and more photos is appropriate for this day…

To wrap it up… if you get a chance to go here… take it! 🙂

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