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Jetlag = we are up at all hours!

Our first couple of days in Gozo were pretty quiet this time. We had some serious jetlag and could not get the sleeping into a regular routine.

We have a beautiful little apartment right on St. George’s Square, with not one, but two terraces. The upstairs terrace is quite spacious, and we enjoyed meals, wine and gelato on the terrace many times 🙂

Here is the view from our upper terrace towards the Citadella.

Here is the view towards the church. It almost feels like you can touch it! That loud ringing bell is RIGHT there! (Well you can’t see it, it is right behind the umbrella)

This is me sitting on the steps of the Church. The top two balconies above the Organika shop are ours for two weeks 🙂

One benefit of this jetlag was discovering that the Church right outside our window has it’s first service at 5:00 AM. The old Maltese men start wandering into the square at about 4:45 waiting for the Church to open. Then the bells do some serious ringing.

Since we were up at dark o’clock anyway, we decided to go see the sunrise from the Citadella. Our host, Ted, told us that it was quite beautiful (and he was right!) It is a lot of steps to the top of the Citadella.

… and even though we were a bit early it was already quite hot!

Here I am waiting for the sunrise 🙂

It was definitely worth the wait!

There is evidence, that the area where the Citadella sits was inhabited as far back as the Bronze Age (around 2500 B.C.). Parts of the current Citadella were built in medieval times, probably around 1500. It is quite fascinating to see the ruins where old homes were, as well as the fortifications that still exist. When we were here last time we read about the Citadella being under seige in 1551 by the Ottomans. Some of the residents were scaling down the fortress walls in an effort to escape. This was definitely playing in our minds when we would look off the side, at just how far down it is!

You can’t see down the wall in this photo… but you can imagine how far down it is by looking at the village below.

For the first few days, we did a bit of wandering, had some lovely dinners, and also visited the Citadella at night.

This is a great restaurant in St. George’s Square. We ate here several times during our visit.

This is Steve pointing back at our apartment 🙂

When we visited the Citadella at night, even though it’s the height of tourist season, we almost had the place to ourselves!

I’m just going to include a few photos from inside the Citadella at night because I think it is absolutely beautiful 🙂

After we got settled (and theoretically unjetlagged), Suzy and Mike took us to the Kempinski to spend the day by the pool. We had a fabulous day, and definitely plan to spend more time here in the future!

Here is a view to the pool from the terrace restaurant.

Here are Suzy and I getting ready to enjoy a lovely lunch in the shade.

And finally, here we are loving our pool time 🙂



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