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The Boat Trip to Comino

We were lucky to be invited to spend the day on Julie and Richard’s boat, The Pearl of the Sea.

Suzy and Mike picked us up at our meeting place… Mr. Vella’s statue. We headed to the store to pick up some lunch, and then over to Mgarr Harbour to meet Julie and Richard at the marina.

The marina has a gorgeous view back over Gozo.

When the Captain and his First Mate arrived, we boarded the boat and they got it ready for the day.

Soon the boat was ready, and we were off to Comino Island. We were excited as we had very happy memories from our day last year at Comino. While we were on the island last time, we kept thinking how wonderful it would be to be down on a boat in the water… and today that wish was coming true 🙂

Apparently we see something important in the distance 🙂

Comino is beautiful from the water! As you approach you see more boats, striking landforms and of course that beautiful water that we were itching to jump into!

Once we anchored (not sure of the technical term!) we were happy to jump in and go for a swim. Well you all know how I swim… mostly floating and not going anywhere… but the water was perfect for this!

Do you see this cute little dinghy? Somehow we didn’t manage to get photos of it, but when the “swimmers” set off to see the caves and other beautiful land formations, Mike rowed me there in the dinghy. This is what I call the “princess treatment”. Even in Malta they know I’m the queen 🙂

Unfortunately, we don’t have photos of the caves or rock formations you can only see when you are swimming. I guess we didn’t want to get the camera wet. Next time we’ll take the underwater camera… or better yet, you should come and see it for yourself.

You know that photo you keep seeing on Pinterest of the cave in Portugal with a big opening at the top? There was a rock formation just like that, that you could swim into (or if you’re a princess be rowed into). It was absolutely stunning!

We spent the day swimming, eating, relaxing and generally enjoying ourselves. Here are a bunch more photos to convince you that you should come see it for yourself!

Obligatory “Lady and the Tramp” photo 🙂

Suzy and Mike treated us to a delicious lunch (and many snacks!) onboard. 🙂

Am I just relaxing in this photo? Or am I trying to come up with a plan to retire early and move to Gozo? 😉

Steve off for a little exploring on his own.

You can imagine, how thrilled we were when we saw that they have an “ice cream boat” rather than an “ice cream truck”!

As you can see it was a glorious day! We have to thank Mike and Suzy for organizing, and Julie and Richard for taking us out on their beautiful boat for an amazing day! One for the record books for sure 🙂

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