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Chocolate Martinis in Las Vegas

Day 4 of 59

July 3, 2018

Well day four started as all the others have in Las Vegas with a couple of hours in the scorching sun down by the pool. It has been about 34 degrees each morning when we head down around 10 AM, and about 42 degrees by 5:00 in the afternoon. Apparently this is not the ‘hottest’ it gets because my trusty phone told me there is an ‘excessive heat warning’ for Friday to Sunday this week. The high says 43 degrees celsius, but the low changes from 27 to 33… so I’m not sure which part makes it excessive?

Just for the record Steve is getting nicely tanned while we laze by the pool, and I am adding to my freckle collection 🙂

After we left Steve headed down to see if he could register in a deepstack poker tournament at 1:00. He decided the line was too long, and he’d go back later to pre-register for tomorrows game.

We lazed around for a while watching the England vs. Colombia soccer game (that was intense!) and then got ready to head down to the strip again.

We decided taking a cab to Bally’s is probably the most economical way to get to the strip. It’s about $10 US. Do NOT walk if you are in the same situation. It is way farther than it seems. Also walking on the concrete in 42 degree heat will melt you!

We made our way down to New York, New York winding our way through casinos to take advantage of air conditioning as much as possible!

Side note: The air conditioning is so cold, we are often eager to get back outside to warm up! They could definitely save some energy by raising the AC up a couple of degrees. For instance, when we checked into our hotel room the AC was set at 55! That’s 13 celsius! TOO COLD! We turned it up to 70 and are much more comfortable.

As we walked we didn’t see many people begging or selling water on the street (perhaps it’s too hot in the afternoon), but we did see something we haven’t seen before… older Asian men dressed up as monks trying to get money from people. They are handing out Buddha cards to give you “luck in the casino”, and if you take the card they want you to give them money for it. This just feels wrong. There are also way less card-flickers than we’ve seen in the past, and the streets for the most part aren’t littered with business cards of half naked girls.

Finally we made our way to New York, New York and to the Nine Fine Irishmen pub where we again redeemed our MyVegas points. If you do MyVegas this is a tricky (in a good way) one! On My Vegas it looks like a 2 for 1 entree reward for 17 500 points, but really when you go to cash in at the MLife desk they give you a $35.00 voucher for the pub. AND we could both use a voucher for the same bill! So basically we had $70.00 of free food and drink for playing a game on facebook.

Anyway, as well as getting free dinner, I was excited that we could add another photo to our Irish Pub Experiment. I’m sure no one is surprised that there is an Irish Pub in Las Vegas 🙂

For the record the food was very good. We had a delicious dinner and enjoyed the ambience in the pub. You can kind of see in the next photo that the Nine Fine Irishmen were displayed in statue form on the wall… we aren’t sure who they are though 🙂

After dinner we walked around New York New York a bit. I do love how they have a village street feel (I think modelled on Greenwich Village?) and we both enjoy strolling around and watching the people. You see things and outfits in Vegas that you just don’t see anywhere else! We noticed that their advertisements for Zumanity are showing that they have a bunch of new acts, so I think we’ll see this one again in an upcoming trip.

After we had walked off a bit of our dinner we headed over to the “Chocolate Bar”. This is a tiny bar on the casino floor at New York New York that specializes in Chocolate Martinis. It is conveniently located right outside the Hershey store.

They had a good selection of chocolate martinis to choose from.

We agreed to share the chocolate caramel martini because we are both lightweights and still had a long way to walk back 😉

I can tell you that it was as tasty, or even more tasty than it looks. The rim is dipped in chocolate and sugar, the drink is divine and it is topped off with a rolo (which was delicious dipped in the drink). We both agreed that this place is extremely dangerous and should only be visited on special occasions! This chocolate martini was even better than our previous favourite which was at the Eiffel Tower restaurant in Las Vegas! (Yes, we’ve taste tested more than a few chocolate martinis in our travels!)

We wound our way back through the casinos and shops to the Bellagio so Steve could try to take better pictures this time. The task was more difficult as there are more people today (Tomorrow is the 4th of July holiday, so it seems much busier.) and Steve likes to take his photos without people in the background. This requires a lot of waiting on my part… but conveniently I am good at this… especially when there are pretty flowers or interesting people to look at.

Here are a few of the photos from the Bellagio conservatory.

Now I was going to make this a multi day post again, but it feels like I’ve rambled on quite a bit, so I’m going to end this one here. Up for the next couple of days is poker for the Handsome Man and relaxing for me. Perhaps I can spend some time planning what to do with all the winnings 🙂

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