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Gwen Stefani concert in Las Vegas!

Day 8 of 59

Saturday July 7, 2018

Today was a day of NOT poker. We did however start at the pool as usual. It was quite cloudy out, which made us think it would be cooler. This is quite tricky! It felt cooler, but the temperature was still 39 degrees!!! When in Vegas remember sunscreen and water even if you think it isn’t hot! Don’t worry we remembered. 🙂

We had a leisurely day and then headed out to the MGM for our final free MyVegas reward. We each had a free buffet at the MGM Grand Buffet. This was a grand buffet and had a very large selection of things. It also had a beverage station where you could concoct your own non-alcholic drink. Steve brought me a mango lime juice 🙂 They also included beer and wine with your buffet entry. The food was quite delicious and varied. They had a lot of seafood which people seemed to be loading up on. I’ve had several bad experiences with seafood in restaurants and suspect that it’s not necessarily at it’s best in a blistering hot desert 100’s of miles from the ocean, so I left that section alone 🙂 (Please note: That’s just my weird food thing. Everyone else seemed to be enjoying it!) They also had a diverse and quite tasty dessert section.

I would definitely recommend this buffet for free if you get it with MyVegas or because you are prolific gamblers and get free comps in Vegas… but I would never pay $43 US per person for a buffet! The thing about Vegas is that it is so hot, I find that I am never that hungry anyways.

After dinner, we headed down toward Planet Hollywood because we had tickets to Gwen Stefani’s show! We were both very excited. The show venue, the Zappos Theatre, was entered through the Miracle Mile shops. They were security screening people who came in and most people had to walk through the metal detector with their hands above their head. Not me. I’m not sure why I was deemed less threatening. The only difference I could possibly see is that I didn’t have my phone with me?

Here we are inside the theatre, waiting for the show to start 🙂

As you can see we were almost in the VERY back row and you still had a clear view of the stage. Our seats were only $70 US, which I think was a great deal. The venues in Vegas are small enough that there is rarely a bad seat. Steve’s plan was for us to move up into some empty seats that were closer… but you know I’m not a rule-breaker. Then just as he was trying to convince me to move, someone else moved up and the usher promptly sent them back. I’m not really sure why they’d care, but they did. It didn’t really matter as most people were standing up dancing the whole time anyway, so the seats were mostly irrelevant.

Anyway, the show was great. The sets were beautiful and interesting, the dancers were amazing, the costumes were terrific and of course Gwen Stefani was awesome. I can’t believe she’s my age! She seems so young and full of energy! Steve took several photos and videos, and I’ll include just a few here!

Wow, it was hard to pick only three photos to share! Below is a link to a video Steve took during the show (they didn’t seem to care… I remember when this was a definite no-no). If you want to see the other three he took, you can see them in his youtube channel. This one is Steve’s favourite. Do you think it has anything to do with the card playing theme?

After the show ended we decided to take a cab back to the hotel right from PH. It was midnight and I was tired 🙂 Here is a tip for Vegas travellers… right after your show gets out is not a good time to try to catch a cab! We waited in the taxi line for quite some time (This isn’t as boring as it sounds, there are plenty of interesting things going on to watch, trust me!) before it was finally our turn for the taxi.

Then the cab ride was super slow to start off with. He had trouble getting out of the parkade because there was so much traffic! The cab driver said it’s because all the shows break at the same time. So this is my tip to you. Wander around for a while after your show and the taxi line and ride will be a lot shorter! 🙂


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