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Random Ramblings from Gozo

Day 25 – 28 of 59

Tuesday July 24 – Friday July 27, 2018

This is going to be a lot of random things that have happened that may or may not seem related. I just want to include the things we want to remember 🙂

We are trying to head to the Kempinski every second day. That is the beautiful hotel where we got a month membership so we can use the gym and pool. Although I’ve taken my gym clothes with me each time, so far I’ve only been to the pool 🙂 Steve of course goes to the gym every time! Who wouldn’t want to spend all their time reading books by this pool though?

This time we are staying in the town of Marsalforn. It is great for vacationing because you have easy access to buses, the sea, restaurants and shopping… correction grocery shopping. Gozo does not have a lot of clothes shopping… so far I haven’t been able to find new flip flops that aren’t made of rubber. (I’m picky… I know.) We also have a fantastic sea breeze that is keeping our apartment cool. Even though we’ve been hitting in mid 30’s each day we haven’t had to turn on the air-conditioning yet!

There are tons of great swimming spots close by. Not like a traditional beach you would expect. Mostly rocky areas with ladders to get in and out of the sea. There is one beach at Marsalforn which is a good place to get gelato and people watch, but definitely not my favourite beach.

We’ve also spent some time wandering around the main town of Victoria. This is where we stayed last year. We love Victoria. The architecture, the cute streets, our favourite gelato shop, and even a little shopping. Here I am at House of Gozo picking up a cute bag to carry my stuff in. This is the same store we bought some prints in last year, that we are going to frame and put up in our new condo… providing they ever finish building it 🙂

Steve giggled when he took the photo… I didn’t notice… but the owner, who was behind the desk, quickly ducked down to hide while Steve took the photo 🙂

We found this little gem of a street when we were walking to meet friends one evening.

Just going to show you one more beautiful street 🙂

Sometimes in Malta, people’s addresses are just a word rather than a number. We were super excited because we found the “Marta” house again. We had found it the first year we were here, and then couldn’t find it last year. The hilarious thing is, that it was literally steps from the apartment we stayed in last year 🙂

Our favourite gelato shop is in Victoria in St. Francis Square which is just up the street from the bus terminal. One tasty scoop of gelato is only 1 Euro 🙂 We always head down this little street to enjoy our gelato on the bench in front of the public library (which I have NEVER seen open in all three times I’ve been to Gozo). I think they must be open in the morning before we get moving 🙂

You can also eat your gelato in the shade at the bus station. This is literally the only grass I have seen in Gozo!

We have been using public transit to get around Gozo for the most part (except for when our excellent friends Suzy and Mike drive us around!) It is quite a good system that has modern buses and runs on time. Most buses go out of Victoria, so you take a bus into Victoria, and then catch another to wherever you want to end up. It seems like most buses run between 45 – 60 minutes apart. The only downside is that they don’t run late at night. Also you won’t be able to find a taxi late at night unless you have pre-arranged a ride with someone (which becomes more complicated when you don’t have a phone. Luckily for us if we are out late at night, it’s almost always with Suzy and Mike 🙂

One such evening was spent enjoying a lovely dinner in Nadur at the “Fat Rabbit”. I would highly recommend this restaurant. The prices are very reasonable, the food was delicious (I had the homemade rabbit pasta) and the ambience is lovely. It is not in the main square, but rather in a smaller square set behind the church.

As you can see the dinner went on for quite some time… almost 5 hours…


Our evening included a viewing of the blood moon lunar eclipse. Unfortunately the photo of this on the phone didn’t really capture it.

Okay, I planned on including more in this post, but our internet is slow this morning, and this is seeming quite long!

Look for another post soon about the two evenings of music we recently enjoyed!



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