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Monday August 23, 2010

Senne’s Summary: Went to Pompeii. You would have enjoyed it!

This morning we woke up kinda early to head out to Pompeii. It’s a good thing we went early in the day… it’s a HOT one! When we were walking to the train station at around 9 AM it was already 27 in the shade.

We got the graffiti train and headed to Pompeii. When you arrive there are all kinds of vendors trying to sell you water and tours. You have to navigate your way through them and you will get to the ticket office. We bought our entrance tickets but had to go to a different window to get the free map and guide book (why don’t they just have them at the ticket window?).




A road with wheel tracks worn in.

Then we headed into the ruins. It was pretty amazing. Imagine seeing the remnants of buildings and streets that have been around for over 2000 years!

P1020561We saw so many interesting things including houses, temples, the baths (very interesting and beautiful!), theatres, the baker’s house, and even the brothel.


That's my kind of tub!

That’s my kind of tub!



How did we know it was the brothel? Well because of the paintings on the wall (Look closely at the pictures… if you’re over 18!).


The bed looks a bit hard…


Only look if you are over 18!

I think we spent close to four hours looking at things and we probably only saw half of what there is to see. We did see some of the plaster casts they made of victims of the Vesuvius eruption… but it was too sad, so I was glad we didn’t see too much of that. (The dog was the saddest one! Steve couldn’t even bring himself to take a picture of that one).

So hot! But we managed to find a sliver of shade!

So hot! But we managed to find a sliver of shade!

We took the graffiti train back and then walked through the hot, HOT town of Sorrento back to our room… it’s 34 degrees in the shade now! I immediately had a shower (sweaty and clammy, ick… I’ve never drank so much water!) and Steve went down and booked us a boat excursion to Positano and Amalfi tomorrow. I can’t wait!!!

Then the crazy man does push ups and ab work before his shower… don’t worry I made him do some for me too… I’m not slacking off on my exercises 🙂

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