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We are a couple of elementary school teachers who have been married for 20+ years. We both grew up in Alberta, Canada. In 1996 we realized we both hated winter and moved to the beautiful city of Victoria, BC.

We are lucky enough to be able to defer our salary so that every 5th year we are able to travel for a whole year. We believe in enjoying life, and travel every chance we get.

Sometime I refer to Steve as “The Handsome Man” or “The King”. These nicknames are not because he’s full of himself (really!), but were nicknames given by hilarious little kindergarteners when he used to teach them gym. 🙂

Self-described princesses, we are mid-range travellers. We travel as cheaply as we can, but with rules. We don’t share a bathroom with strangers (we certainly don’t stay in the hostel where you use the bathroom bus in Bangkok), we need a clean bed, and we rarely eat off food carts. Sure we’d like to stay in expensive places… but until we win the lottery that won’t be happening very often!

We love to be warm, and tend to follow the sun on our travels (You won’t find any posts about visiting the North Pole here!)

We started this blog mostly to help preserve the memories. (The older we get the more we forget…) We also want to keep our family and friends informed so they know we’re safe (why wouldn’t we be… we don’t do crazy stuff?!?) Finally, it amuses me to write, if it amuses you to read it, then welcome :).

12 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. Debbie Ryan

    Hi Steve and Lisa, I have seen some of your blogs and would really like to see more. I have shared some of your wonderful blogs with my husband, we often think what a wonderful way to see places and meet people we only dream about. Or watch on television due to my MS. I’m not sure you would know who I am. I was Quinn Nelson’s assistant at James Bay. Than-you letting us look into your travelers life. Debbie

    1. admin Post author

      Of course I remember you, Debbie. I’m glad you are enjoying them 🙂 I am adding the backlog from our last year round trip, and am very excited that next July we start another trip for a year.

  2. Karla Luedtke

    Wishing you both the best of the best! I think nothing is more important than exploring our beautiful Earth…..even though sometimes we see things we have no control over.
    Steve….really want to thank you for making Logan’s transition over here so amazing
    She’s a great/kind girl and your classroom made her run out of school with a HUGE smile on her face!
    Working on her math skills…..might need a tutor as her Mom gets stuck on 1+1, but both loving the Math game you sent her home with

    Have a fantastic new adventure! Both of us are excited to read your blogs!
    Karla……(aka Logan’s Mum….my new name for the last 9years)

  3. Teri

    Hi Lisa
    I’m going to unsubscribe from my previous email in order to receive the blog on my shaw account. Don’t worry when you see me unsubscribe.

  4. Michael & Suzy

    Hi Steve Lisa Just a brief note to let you know that we and Gozo are missing you both. We still can’t believe that we met two ‘travel crazy’ Canadians in the sleepy village of Kercem. The weather here is gorgeous with a cool sea breeze, the outdoor music festival is just beginning and the sea is warming up!! Enjoy the last few months of your fantastic travels.

    Come back soon to Glorious Gozo!
    Michael & Suzy

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