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Sorrento was our fifth stop on our trip to Italy. Why Sorrento you might ask? It’s a bit complicated and a long story… but if I was trying to summarize….

We have a painting of Capri which inspired my desire to visit there. Capri accommodations are quite expensive. We also wanted to visit the Amalfi Coast. All of these things can be accomplished at a relatively inexpensive price if you do your research. My research pointed to Sorrento. It is central and cheaper than the places I really wanted to visit.

Sorrento ended up being a lovely town! I imagined it more as a base to get other places, but it’s a great place to visit on it’s own. It had been described to me as a resort town, which I had assumed would mean beaches. The beaches are few and far in between. Instead they have bathing platforms (like docks) covered with chairs and umbrellas (for rent of course). The public beaches are available but approximately 10 people can fit on the whole beach. Despite the lack of beaches this was definitely a town with a lot to offer.

From Siena, we took a bus back to Florence, and then continued on with trains. Our first train went to Naples and was quite nice. The second train was a regional train to Sorrento which we nicknamed the graffiti train. (I think that gives you a clear picture! Right?)

We had decided to walk to our “hostel” (it was really a hotel called a hostel) and were ready with instructions. Detailed instructions. Let me tell you it doesn’t matter how detailed your instructions are… this place is not easy to find. If Sorrento has street signs they are not easily visible.

To read more about our experiences in Sorrento, follow this link to read our blog posts.

Where We Stayed

We stayed at the Ulisse Deluxe Hostel. Don’t let the name throw you off, this is definitely a hotel that is easy on the budget…. and it is not easy to find places easy on the budget in this area of Italy! This hotel also has a 90% or higher rating on Tripadvisor which is usually a good sign. The room was basic but included a private bathroom (with a tub!) and air conditioning. It was clean and spacious (by Italian budget hotel standards:) ). A good breakfast was included and there was free wifi which we could access in the lobby. We also used the front desk to book day trips to Capri and the Amalfi Coast. I would definitely stay here again.

Our Favourite Things About Sorrento

1)   The views from the cliffs and of the coastline. Sorrento is a unique place to visit!

2)   The boat excursions where we could see the beautiful coastline.

3)   Swimming in the Green Grotto.

4)   Discovering “Brioches con Gelato”. (Steve thinks he might be able to survive on these alone.)

5)   Seeing the ruins at Pompeii (we’ll have to come back and see Herculaneum)

6)   The leather purses (I saw so many in various sizes and colours that I could have definitely bought more than the one I bought!)

7)   Steve got a new wallet with a cool little change compartment.

8)   Nutella with my breakfast every day (I hope they have Nutella in Greece :))

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